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Foundation 1     THE DENTIST

An introduction to The 5 Foundations

After working in the dental sector for a number of decades and observing the inner workings of many practices, Andrea discovered that there are a set of core fundamentals common to all practices that achieve success. She calls these core basics The 5 Foundations because they quite literally form the solid foundation on top of which it is possible to build a thriving business. Without them, the short term success of a practice is seriously compromised and long term success is unlikely.

What follows is a brief introduction to The 5 Foundations. You can learn more about them and how they can transform your practice in Andrea's book Organise & Thrive where she unpacks each foundation and its implications for your business.

It’s all about YOU!  

Your vision and philosophy affect your practice and its potential to succeed. So does your personal image and your wellbeing. Make sure that they and your support systems are working for you and not undermining that potential.

The measure of success is not just achieving the goals you have set for two, five or even twenty years from now. Real success is also about enjoying the journey to get there. 


Life is short, don’t waste it, enjoy it and regret nothing!

Foundation 2     THE ENVIRONMENT

Is it helping or hindering you and the outcomes of the practice?

What your work environment looks and feels like will have a direct impact on the way you, your team and your patients experience your practice, which in turn affects the practice’s outcomes.

Clutter, cleanliness, temperature and noise are just a few of the things that may seem like relatively trivial environmental elements but if not managed effectively can profoundly impact stress levels and adversely affect your staff’s wellbeing and productivity as well as your patient’s comfort.

You are a product of your environment.

Foundation 3     THE TEAM

Are they making or breaking your practice?


It is quite likely that your team will have a more personal level of interaction with your patients than you will. And how well these interactions play out will greatly influence your patients and the choices they make regarding your practice.


Does your team have the people skills necessary to form successful relationships with patients as well as co-workers? And are you setting clear standards and building an engaging culture so that you, your team and the practice can all flourish?


Your team should be propelling you towards your goals not hampering them.

Foundation 4     THE SYSTEMS

Are your systems supporting or sabotaging your practice?

Good systems can help you get things done. Great systems can go beyond simply maintaining the status quo. They can set your practice apart and create the time and freedom for staff to focus on patients.

Using legacy systems that have been patched up over time to deal with growth or using a number of separate systems that don’t work together holistically will eventually compromise the efficiency of your practice.

Smart systems reduce stress, increase productivity and maintain standards.


Customer service is what keeps you in business.

Creating a unique patient experience is all about your philosophy - your moral, ethical, clinical, business and service beliefs that have been beautifully packaged to inspire existing patients and attract new ones.

It is no longer enough just to be friendly. Patients won’t only compare the service they receive at your clinic to the service they receive at other dental practices - they will compare it to the service they receive everywhere.

The needs, desires and expectations of your patients are constantly evolving and the quality of service you offer them must do the same.

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