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Organised Dental is focused on solutions that will help you and your practice thrive. As well as communicating her message through speaking engagements, Andrea has devised a selection of services designed to offer the level of assistance you feel you need to get the most out of your practice and to prepare it for a successful future.


Andrea will come to you and perform a ‘health check’ on your practice. Over two days she will observe you, your staff and patients in action and then compile a comprehensive report on the state of your practice. This is an excellent way to identify what is working well and what could do with improvement.

When your practice report is complete, Andrea will spend an hour with you going over her findings in detail. As well as providing an objective and expert review, her report is also the perfect starting point for planning the implementation of improvements that will ensure your practice thrives.

Andrea Felton is a Practice Check up specialist. Visit her website for more details about Check ups, how they work and how you can book yours today!


Is there an aspect of your practice operations that needs some attention? Or maybe you would like to enhance the wellbeing of your team. Whatever it might be, Andrea's depth of knowledge and experience makes her a unique and highly effective trainer and workshop presenter.


Rather than relying on generic training and formulaic workshops, Andrea creates content that is specifically tailored to your needs and offers a genuine alternative to other mainstream one-size-fits-all programs.


So, whether you are a dental practice or an industry association, contact Andrea to learn more about how she can help.


As an international speaker, Andrea has presented on topics ranging from Building a Sustainable Practice and Personal Branding to Adding Value to Your Practice and Prioritising Wellbeing.

Andrea is a skilled communicator and delivers her insights in an engaging and accessible way so if you are looking for a memorable speaker for your next event or would like to download her Speaker Kit, visit Andrea's website by clicking the button below.


Andrea partners with you and your team in-house to get all of the five foundations working, reduce stress and increase productivity. Her work is tailored specifically to each practice, taking into account its unique requirements and goals.

As the name suggests, One on One Coaching allows for a level of focus that is highly effective. Andrea works with you to map out a program that covers your areas of concern and includes strategies for addressing them. The way your particular practice functions is also taken into consideration so that disruption to your daily routine is minimised.

This One on One option offers you the opportunity to work exclusively with specialist coach Andrea Felton who will guide you through the process of identifying issues and implementing solutions. The aim of this program is to ensure that you get the very best out of your practice and set it on the path to a sustainable future. 

If you would like to find out more or register your interest in any of these services, please contact us.

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