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Organise & Thrive

The 5 Foundations that are the secret to creating a less stressful, more productive and happier dental practice.

by Andrea Felton

This book is Andrea's answer to the statement - “There must be a better way!”

Strong foundations. This is the one common factor that is always present in the successful practices Andrea has encountered and either absent or ignored in the practices that are struggling. 

After decades of experience in the dental sector, extensive research into best practice systems and the invaluable input of all kinds of dental personnel, Andrea has developed a set of fundamentals that she believes are necessary for the wellbeing of practice staff and the success of a dental practice. These are the Five Foundations - The Dentist, The Environment, The Team, The Systems and The Patient Experience.


Organise & Thrive is a practical guide filled with common sense insights and solutions that work. It's about helping you build and organise the solid foundations your practice needs to support the work you are doing now and the work you will go on to do in the future. It's about creating the conditions that will allow your team and your practice to thrive.

& Thrive is dedicated to all of Andrea's dental colleagues out there who deserve to be as well looked after as their patients.

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