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About Andrea

I started working in the dental sector at the tender age of 18 and I have never left. I have been a dental assistant, receptionist, clinic co-ordinator and a practice manager. I have worked as a temp and as a full time employee and in recent years I have worked as a consultant practice organiser assisting the Monash Medical Centre and several private practices in their efforts to streamline and revitalise the way their practices function.

It’s been an interesting and fulfilling career so far and I can confidently say that I have come to know the dental world very well. I have honed my skills, developed insights and worked in a wide range of practices which have all contributed to my knowledge and experience. In other words, I have walked the walk!


I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with scores of inspiring dental professionals and together we have experienced the highs and lows that come with this rewarding but demanding line of work.


In fact, one of the low points I experienced proved to be a motivating factor for me establishing Organised Dental and writing my book Organise & Thrive. Like so many of my colleagues, I was struck down by stress-related illness and was forced to review the way I was working and whether I could continue in a career which, at that time, was causing me significant pain and suffering. The stress I experienced was brought on by an extremely challenging work environment but the effects on my health went way beyond the workplace. They took a very real toll on my personal life and the prospects for my long-term health.

Thankfully I am now well and I feel energised by the mission I have set myself - to bring the enjoyment back to dentistry! Life is too short to spend most of your waking hours in an environment that makes you ill and unhappy.

Founding Organised Dental started a new and exciting chapter for me. After more than three decades in a career that has given me so much, it’s now time for me to give back. I want to take the knowledge and experience I have gathered, mix in my natural organisation and communication abilities and get to work improving the lives of dentists, their teams and their patients.

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