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The founding of Organised Dental in 2008 was insprired by a single question ...


Why were some dental practices successful while others were not? 

Asking that question was Andrea Felton who had been working within the dental sector for well over three decades and had seen first-hand the difficulties and challenges facing practices as they strived to build a prosperous business.


And this single question opened the floodgates to many more ... Why was work-related stress at such high levels in the dental profession? Did this have anything to do with why so many practices were struggling to prosper?


Running a successful practice was clearly not impossible. There were many examples of thriving practices big and small. How did they do it? What was their secret? And was there any way of transforming stressed, tense and anxious professionals into happy and fulfilled people who could drive a practice to achieve success?

After a period of intense research and exploration, and after consultation with a broad range of industry professional as well as patients, Andrea developed a raft of unique insights and solutions that addressed her many questions. She confirmed her belief that most of the stress suffered by dental personnel due to their work was absolutely not necessary and she became committed to challenging the largely accepted view that stress was simply a pitfall of the job.

Organised Dental works to minimise unnecessary stress, injury and illness in dental practices. At least 50-70% of these negative outcomes could be prevented if practices where better organised and developed healthier environments and work processes. When this is achieved, the work force within a dental practice becomes happier and more productive which in turn ensures that the practice continues to grow as a viable and profitable business. 

Andrea is dedicated to creating positive and much needed change and she delivers her comprehensive solutions through Organised Dental.

About Andrea

Andrea is an author, international speaker, trainer and dental practice consultant who specialises in practice lifestyle and organisation.

She has forty years experience in various roles across more than 200 dental practices and has worked with more than 1800 personnel in both the public and private sectors.

Andrea is committed to addressing what she calls the daily irony experienced by most dental personnel – "they go to work each day with the aim of improving the health of others but actually end up compromising their own".

Dental personnel deal with stress, injury and illness everyday and the consequences can have a devastating effect not only on the individual but on the team as a whole and ultimately on the business. And the fallout is not left at the door when personnel leave work. The negative effects of an unhealthy workplace can have serious impacts in their private lives too. There are no winners in this scenario, just losers and often many more than we realise.

Andrea is dedicated to inspiring a cultural shift in the way dentists and their teams work with the ultimate aim being to create healthier and happier dental personnel, patients and practices.

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